Mysterious Las Vegas Luxor hotel

Las Vegas is a dream city, a holiday city, a casino city! There are dozens of legends and fables about this amazing place. Even many truthful facts about the city will amaze you, not including the fictional rumors. This is a city, where people come to have fun and try their luck, where millionaires lose everything in an instant, and the poor become millionaires overnight. When visiting this city, it is reasonable to use avr rental las vegas.

Through many dozens of years, strings of fables are underpinned with amazing facts and unusual events. Read about the one and only Luxor hotel in Nevada State and find out some of its legends.

Sumptuous pyramid

The Luxor is probably one of the most remarkable casino hotels in all Las Vegas. You can recognize it from afar, since it is made in the shape of the Egyptian pyramid.

The hotel is owned by MGM Mirage Corporation, which opened an establishment in 1993, and since then the hotel is considered one of the best in the country. It received its name after the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor. The facade of the building is made of black glass, which looks simply unimaginable from the outside, and the building attracts visitors from all over the world to enter it.

Inside the complex, there are:

  • entertainment points
  • swimming pools
  • saunas
  • spas
  • golf courses
  • clubs
  • boutiques
  • gyms
  • exhibition halls
  • the Titanic Museum
  • Jacuzzis
  • a cinema
  • its own casino.

On the threshold of this casino, customers are greeted by a huge statue of the Sphinx and the Pharaoh’s tomb, and the whole atmosphere is saturated with Egyptian interiors. Moreover, in the hotel, elevators do not go up and down, but they move diagonally. A lot of slot machines are installed in the casino. People play poker, roulette, and dice here. They make bets in bookmakers.

The construction and reconstruction of the pyramid

The construction of the entertainment complex began in the spring of 1991. After 2 and a half years, 10,000 people came to its opening. These people instantly filled the hotel and gambling halls. The cost of construction was almost 380 million dollars. At the beginning of the 90s, the hotel had more than 2,500 rooms and almost 1,000 m² of playing area, the cost of a double room averaged $ 70 per day.

After the first reconstruction in 1998, a theater with 850 seats and two 22-storey twin towers were added. Due to this, the number of rooms grew to 4550. More than 670 million dollars were spent on these updates.

The style of external and internal design of the hotel-casino was based on ancient Egypt. Only in 2007, there was a major re-registration, modernization, in which most of the Egyptian motifs were replaced by modern ones. $ 300 million was spent on this reconstruction. This is not surprising, since one fifth of the internal publicly accessible area was redesigned. That year, the hotel contained 4,200 employees.

Legends about the hotel

There is a lot of controversy and mystery over this hotel, built in the shape of a pyramid tower. Connoisseurs of the history and culture of ancient Egypt consider the hotel cursed, they argue that when designing the building, a terrible mistake was made. Designers placed a sculpture, depicting an eye, on the top of the pyramid, which imposed on the hotel the wrath of the heaven. Many argue that the only way to remove the curse is to demolish the famous luminous “eye” from the top of the building. Many people see in this architectural design a connection with the Masonic Lodge and dark forces. For the same reason, according to the adherents of this theory, during the construction of the hotel, three people died. They were allegedly sacrificed, and now their souls are doomed to wander forever along the dark corridors of the hotel rooms at night and disturb the guests.

The history of this amazing hotel is covered with an aura of mystery. Many of its customers believe that ghosts live in this huge hotel in the form of an Egyptian pyramid made of black glass, with a statue of the Sphinx in front of the entrance. At night, from the top of the pyramid, the searchlight beam shines, visible even from space. Next to the pyramid, there is even a copy of an ancient Egyptian temple, also made of glass, and an Egyptian obelisk, on which the name of the hotel glows. Despite the variety of mystical stories, Hotel Luxor continues to be incredibly popular.